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Why self love is the key to true love- Part 1

Do you know what is true love? In this day where a lot of people wish they were someone else who is richer, more beautiful and shows off off social media. How do you get love is true under those circumstances. In this podcast I am talking to John Gora about my first book; Why self love is the key to true love. We talk about the challenges of relationships these days. Why people struggle so much and if love is enough for a relationship to last a life time.

What is inside you, that which makes you a living person is bigger and more wonderful that your perception. Loving yourself wakes you up to your own greatness. It also shows you that you’re worthy of love.

Is it love that leads people to marriage or is it something else? Watch the interview to get my answer to that question

If you want to start learning any of the skills discussed in video, just go ahead and order your own copy here.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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