First of all thank you and congratulations for visiting this page. Seeking help is one of the best things we can all do. Often times we try to do everything ourselves but we don’t have to. When we get stuck, we get frustrated or we have one of those bad days where all the chocolate and wine in the world won’t make us feel better,  it can be difficult to express our emotions to loved ones, friends or family. This is because they are so close to us, or perhaps you don’t want them knowing how you really feel, at least not yet. 


This is where I come in...


I have a Master’s degree in Information Science. I am a certified Law of Attraction coach and a Certified Relationship Coach. By the way, I know exactly what it’s like to feel the way you do. I’ve been where you are and I’ve waked more than a mile in your shoes.

I took my marriage from the brink of divorce where I was feeling unhappy, sad, depressed and betrayed. I felt like everything was wrong and I thought the best way was to leave my husband and find someone else. 

No one I knew was able to tell me that it was possible to fix it but they all told me to tolerate it. They also told me love is hard work but no one could tell me what that hard work entailed.  I wasn’t willing to live a life where I dreaded going home at the end of my work day or seeing my husband. deep down that things could be better but I had no idea how. 


I had lost myself...

As a librarian and researcher, I looked at books and research papers on what makes a relationship thrive. I found out that it was all me. I had lost myself. I thought being a wife meant giving up myself and doing everything to please my husband.  

As I slowly started self-care practices (joining a gym, going out with my friends, buying new clothes for myself and asking my husband to help me when I needed help) I became happier and less overwhelmed. I got my self-confidence back. I became more playful and creative. I stopped reacting and started responding to situations. I got to welcome, love and understand my Feminine Elegance and used it in my relationships to compliment my and my husband’s masculine energy.


Our relationship started to shift into a better partnership...

 We became friends again, who were more honest, vulnerable and loving towards each other. Everything including our sex life improved significantly. Joy became an everyday occurrence that we shared with each other.  We found after 11 years of marriage feeling excited to see each other at the end of the day.

When my husband passed away and I struggled, again to find my identity, peace and myself I discovered the germs and gold nuggets that I now use to help women find love in their relationships. I took my experience to heal from emotional trauma and heartbreak and everything I did and learnt that helped me heal and packaged it into a program that helps women heal emotional scar tissue from experiences in your past. 


What I did in 3 years you can do in 5 weeks...​


I will help you prepare, a place in your heart grow new seeds of love that will grow and thrive. This love will help you harvest unimaginable happiness that you can share with other people in your life.

And it all starts with us having a conversation, to see if I’m a good fit for you and if you’re a good fit for me. Below you will see my personal calendar that you schedule a time to speak with me.

Before you do, there’s one thing I wish to stress… everything we discuss will be 100% confidential and will never be shared or spoken to another person. 

Pick your time slot below. I promise to do everything I can for you and I look forward to helping you.


The Heart of Feminine Elegance program helped us to re-evaluate our relationship by combining/selecting some of the features within the program with what we had already built, thereby subsequently boosting our marriage to a level we never anticipated. The program was well delivered, enjoyable, sensitive to our needs and structured to suit us. We would definitely recommend it to anyone either starting off in their relationship or just needing a kick-start to their long relationship so as to get the sparks back in their lives.
Alie Hawkins, Dublin
Heart Passion Institute programme is a mine of information. Melody’s ability to explain the theories used and draw out new ways of thinking in her clients is excellent. Her light-hearted fun approach means everyone will enjoy this course. An excellently designed course. Best of luck with the programme Melody.
My Life Coach Melody is a compassionate, giving woman who is enthusiastic about improving the quality of her client’s life. She is a great listener. I really felt heard, and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. Working with her has shown me that one can actually change her negative thoughts with some simple processes and feel much better that everything will work out fine and that the Universe has my back. I am not alone.
Abir Chammah, Lebanon