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My first T.V. interview

The joy of relationship coaching

I had so much fun on the Brilliance Business T.V. with Mark Stephen Pooler where we were discussing j what is relationship coaching. The way to a great life is to have great relationships. I tell my story of how difficulties in my relationship got me to learn how to create a healthy relationship.

We also discussed the problems most women come across in their relationships like not knowing what you don’t know. The other problems like trauma that was caused by exes or even in childhood. I work with my clients to heal those so you have the freedom to love and space to share your heart with someone else.

I give examples of some of my clients and the results they have experienced. I think you should listen for yourself:

This is link to the free document mentioned in the interview: 35 date night ideas to take boredom out of your life.

If you’re ready to stop suffering in your relationship or just tolerating each other then book your free Love breakthrough session.

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