Melody Chadamoyo is a personal coach and speaker who helps women discover their Feminine Elegance, a tender strength that harnesses grace and radiance, vulnerability and courage. Melody inspires women to pursue individual growth through her special training and personal experience, and empowers her clients to build rich personal and professional relationships, and to live their life to its maximum potential.

“Feminine Elegance is a way of being, a skill a woman develops as she discovers her strengths and influence in the world,” says Melody, who believes “a woman fully blooms when she surrenders to her divine nature, and feels the certainty of who she was created to be. She nurtures and defends with passion all her loves as well as her integrity. She moves with the flow of confidence and belief in her ability while commanding respect in every aspect of her life.”

Melody helps women shed culturally defined roles and habits, promoting a dynamic that enables true connection and intimacy. In her personal relationships, a woman who embraces Feminine Elegance can celebrate her differences with men, but also see how she complements and inspires her man. “While women want security and protection, they in turn need to help men articulate and receive their need for surrender, empathy, tenderness, vulnerability and patience. When these natural needs and tendencies are accepted, and nurtured, a couple experiences a beautiful harmony that bonds them in a lifetime of peace and love.”

Melody has developed her philosophy and programs through rigorous training, educating herself in the Law of Attraction, and more importantly, through more than 10 years of marriage to her husband Tau, a relationship she manifested through patience and certainty about the kind of love she wanted in her life. Melody’s one-on-one training and events reflect her formal Law of Attraction training. Her stories of manifesting both her love with Tau, and the conception of her only child, a daughter, instruct and give hope.

“I met Tau in a situation that only Divine intelligence could make possible, but not until many years later did I remember myself, young and single, praying in a small church in my home of Zimbabwe. I received so much more than I asked for.” Tau and Melody endured tremendous trials and climbed great heights during their marriage. Their relationship was a crucible that helped them intensely enjoy each other’s deepest nature and forged a great love affair – tested and strengthened by a battle with cancer that ultimately took Tau’s life.

“I also employed the Law of Attraction when I was struggling to conceive a child, and I saw a vision of me holding a baby. I prayed for her to be loving and kind. My daughter is all those things and more.” The workplace can be complicated too for women, Melody acknowledges.

Women need to be aware of how they use their masculine energy so they can succeed and feel fulfilled professionally. “Always being directive and focused on a task or project can be very tiring and leave a woman feeling drained of her essence,” she says. “In the worst case, her masculine energy can make her appear as a cold, ice maiden, and cause unnecessary strife and career issues.”

“It’s more natural for a woman to look at the big picture, to multi-task across a project or team. Most women find that kind of activity more fulfilling in the workplace,” she says.

After years of simply making a living, Melody is excited about turning her passion towards helping women live life more fully. She is certain that with a heart open to new ideas and a commitment to revealing their true essence, any woman can design the personal and professional relationships that make them deeply happy.

“Like any skill, Feminine Elegance can be improved and polished over time and it is very individual and personal to every woman. Nothing can be more rewarding than making your life everything you want it to be.”