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What dandelions can teach you about your relationship

It is now summer in Ireland and dandelions are everywhere. Where did they come from anyway? I had a beautiful lawn that was green and well kept. I took the time to take care of it. One day I discovered a dandelion was growing on the lawn. It was just one. I didn’t have time to deal with it at the time so I left it. Next time I looked there were 5 dandelions with flowers, all yellow and pretty. I went to the hardware store and bought some chemicals to spray on each because I thought if I dug it up it would cause more harm to my lawn. Next year I had more dandelions than lawn. It’s so frustrating.

Recently I have been having issues with my sister. I felt like she wasn’t hearing me or caring about what I had been communicating. When I really started looking at her faults, they seemed to multiply to the point that I was finding being with her uncomfortable. We never actually talked about the issues. I assumed she knew how I felt and she assumed I knew what was going on with her. I got advice from a well meaning friend to stop being with my sister. This advice woke me up because I realised I didn’t want to divorce my sister. I just wanted her to understand me and yet I wasn’t expressing my true feelings to her. When we finally talked and I expressed myself to her openly and with kindness and she also expressed herself to me we healed our relationship. We managed to uproot the emotional dandelion that had taken root in our relationship. This could happen with your boyfriend, husband, friend etc. Just avoiding the problem causes the problems to multiply but if you deal with it,  then you can focus on being happy instead of avoiding confrontation. Which one would you prefer?

If you allow issues to grow like dandelions they will multiply so quickly that you won’t be able to manage to get rid of them and your relationship will fail to thrive. If you see a dandelion, stop, take the time to uproot it and get rid of it. In other words, when you have an issue that crops up (pan intended) in your relationship, deal with it in a way that allows both of you to feel loved and cared for. This is the only way to ensure your relationship continues to grow and flourish. A person who loves you allows you to be yourself to the best of your abilities and to express yourself all the time.

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