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The reason why you should create a list of the qualities you want in a man

I am sure you have heard this a gazillion times but does it really work and how does it work? The short answer is yes it works and the how has to do with the Law of Attraction. When you have a desire the Universe sets itself up to give it to you. When you write down your desire or affirm it with your mouth in words you’re telling the Universe that you’re serious about your desire and you will surely receive what you want. But, what if the man you want doesn’t exist anywhere you can imagine?

Well, when I was 17 one day I walked into our church. Our town was very hot and my sister and I used to love getting to cool down in the church. We had walked our mom to work so she could start her shift at the hospital. In Zimbabwe nurses  work either 7-1 pm or 1-8 pm so that they are home with their families at least some part of the day.

Anyway here I was in church and I decided to pray for a boyfriend because so far I was yet to meet someone who deserved to have me as a girlfriend. I said, “Dear God if you think I deserve a boyfriend would you find me one who is kind, very intelligent, funny, loyal, imaginative, open minded, adventurous, loves to read and explore new things, cooks and likes cleaning. Someone who will be a good father for my children, fun and who loves me a lot. Thank you.” I probably said more than I am saying here but it was a long time ago and I am sure you get the idea.

I walked away and I didn’t really think about it much. When we talked about boys or men with my friends at school I would say out that I am holding out for a man with those qualities and every time they told me that I would never get married because there was no man like that on this earth. I was happy to be single forever than to settle. I spent a lot of time counselling my friends because some boy had cheated and/or treated them badly.

Fast forward 2 years and low and behold I found him! I can only say that the Universe went out of it’s way to create the circumstances where I would meet him. He was even better than I could’ve imagined. We just clicked from day one and after a while fell in love so completely and it was awesome. I got to know what it was to connect with someone spiritually. I could tell when he was close by even before I saw him with my eyes. The moment I laid eyes on him I always felt a sense of peace.

Now that you know what can be possible go ahead and make your own list of the qualities that you want from a man. This will help you to recognise them when you finally bump into the person. Be real, and think of those qualities that will enrich your life and improve your ability to love more fully and more deeply. Play with it, enjoy the process and you will be amazed at the results. Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

N/B I talk about Taurai in past tense because he died from cancer a while back. I still love him and always will because he taught me how to love unconditionally. I am grateful to have had the chance to share my life with him and believe it is possible to love that deeply more than once.

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