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How to succeed in your goal to be a better listener

Listening is the key to effective communication. Your ability to listen will ensure that you connect much better with the people around you and especially your spouse. Set a small but achievable target with a timeline. The video below explains how you can do that.

Have you heard women complaining that men don’t listen? Have you also hear men complaining that women don’t listen? I used to ask my male friends, brothers and even husband a question and they would go quiet. I would then ask another question to explain my original question? The quieter they got the more I talked. In the end they walked off in a huff and I never got the answer to my question. Does that sound familiar? In the video below I explain what would be happening. Knowing this secret will transform your relationships with most men. It’s a game changer when you listen to learn and not to find out if you agree with them.

Men and women reveal themselves in their opinions. You can learn what matters to him/her, what is important to her/him and what are they trying to show you. Listening to learn creates understanding and intimacy which is the point of this blog. I have made a commitment to continue to improve my listening skills. What are some of the relationship goals or commitments you have made for 2020?

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