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How practicing loving myself saved my marriage

I recently had an interview with one of my mentors, Robert MacPhee. We talked about why it is important to have a relationship that thrives. A relationship that thrives is one that achieves your highest level of expectation.

We were talking about what motivated me to write a book based on my personal story “Why self love is the key to true love.” The story starts with meeting the man of my dreams and getting to know him at a deep level for 5 years and yet I wanted to divorce him 2 years into our marriage. his first question was what happened? Was it you got to know him differently or you thought you knew him but didn’t? Did you not know him at all? Did he change or did you change? If you want to know the answers to those questions listen to the interview below

Relationships are fundamental to our well being and happiness and yet there’s very little training or help given to couples so that they have thriving relationships that allow them to let love grow & expand.

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