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The elegant way of getting over past hurts once and for all

Are you a woman who holds the badge of honor of past hurts? Do you review them regularly to justify holding on to the anger or do you use them to ensure you don’t ever get hurt again? Does this make you feel empowered?  Are are woman who takes out all your past hurts on anyone who makes the mistake to come near you? Have you become a bitter woman? All this takes you away from your Feminine Elegance.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need to do something to free yourself from living in the past. This will help you to plan your future and get what you want more often than not. I know this sounds far fetched but hear me out.

The best way to live in the now and get better results is to practice Forgiveness. Forgiveness to me is to let go. It is to free yourself in order to enjoy life.

The most important person to forgive is yourself. Why? Because if you are anything like me when a person treats me badly I blame myself for allowing them into my life in the first place or for not seeing it coming. I once helped someone who needed me for years with food, help, love, shelter and my time. I saw this person as part of my family but when I needed him he was not able to be there for me. I was hurt and I vowed never to do that to myself again.

Soon after that while I was reflecting I decided if I change who I am because I am afraid to get hurt again then I have let go of my power. I would be taking that person’s mistakes as mine too. I decided to continue being a caring, compassionate person that I have always been. I got support, love and compassion from other people so I got what I needed. I freed myself to be my authentic self.

After forgiving yourself then forgive other people. It is actually easier to forgive other people than to forgive yourself. Usually it’s just your ego that is hurt anyway and you can deal with that. Start a new habit of spending time examining what went right during the day not what didn’t. This will lift your vibration and make your life happier and we could all do with feeling happier.

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