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The most powerful way to get men to tell you how they feel

Men are a puzzle to women. The biggest puzzle about men is that they don’t like to open up and show you how they really feel. There are many reasons for this and some of them go back to our caveman days. Even in today’s society with all the technology that is available no one really knows how another person thinks.

If you’re a woman it is more complicated because men seem like a whole different species. The first step to get a man to open up to you is if you’re being authentic.

Be who you are at all times. If you pretend to like something and you really don’t he will know just like when you know if he is holding back on you.

When you’re being authentic then he feels safe enough that if you can be open to him then he can also be open with you. I found that my husband used to tell me all these important things at very odd times. Some of the stuff were painful things that would have happened and I chose to be kind to him. I understood his need to tell me and if I couldn’t do anything I just held him. Don’t judge him for who he is and practice acceptance and love at all times.

Men are physically strong and sometimes you don’t realise how vulnerable they are emotionally. Allow them to be and be supportive. Don’t be the kind of person who only thinks your problem is bigger than everyone else’s. Be willing to give them what they need even if you don’t understand it.

Tau used to ask me to sit so he could look at me because he enjoyed looking at me. Even though I didn’t understand it at the time I allowed him his pleasure. With time I got to understand it and his trust for me grew.
Be generous with yourself and your time.
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