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What is the point of dating anyway?

We all get nervous and excited about dating but is there a reason for all that stress? Some people love it and some people don’t. It is worse when the date is with someone you don’t know. The problem is that nobody wants to make a wrong impression and nobody wants to be rejected. People take dating personally, but is it really? What if we looked at it differently? When you start dating someone it is because you want to get to know them better so you can decide whether they can be suitable as a mate or not. So why feel so bad when you find out that the person is not suitable for your needs as would’ve hoped?

 If you want to go to London and you buy a plane ticket then for some reason or another you find yourself at the gate to Paris, do you cry or do you just look for the correct gate and go over there? I know I am over simplifying this but maybe it is time to see dating as it really is. It is a chance to get to know a person better so that you can decide whether it is worth your while giving them more of your time or if you need to keep looking. The problem is often we take so long to take action once we discover that that person is not a match. We want to find another reason other than that the connection is not right for us.  If you check with your inner self you will know soon enough what is right for you and what is not.

I think the reason people get upset is because they put all their hopes into that date as if it defines their future with that person. If he is not the one then you get a chance to meet other people. Nobody is a frog but he/she just has the qualities you don’t appreciate. That doesn’t make them wrong but just not right for you.  Have fun with it. I don’t particularly like trying on clothes or shoes but whenever I go shopping I enjoy the process knowing I will go home with clothes that will make me look good and feel good. Surely it is worth my time and effort to give it all my effort. Enjoy dating. Take responsibility for what you’re doing and don’t give away your power. For example if it’s not working initially ladies don’t wait because you believe you have the power to change that man because you really don’t. Take dating in the spirit of what it is meant to be, an opportunity to evaluate whether the initial connection you have with this person is going to last or it is just a crush.

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