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Valentine’s day fun things you can do alone or together

Valentine’s day usually brings out the worst or the best in people. Our expectations get us to become these unappreciative monsters that get judgemental to our own lives or our spouses. Why is it that we want to only have romance on one day of the year? The simple answer is fear of missing out. We don’t want to be the only people who don’t have anyone to love them. It seems that way sometimes. What if you make a commitment to do something different this year? Besides, we can’t go out anyway so we have to be creative indoors. Instead of waiting for someone else to show you love, why not reach out to show love in a unique way? By the way a unique way is your own way.

Here are some suggestions of how to show love in a unique way:

Quality time

Reach out to someone that you know is alone and spend 30 minutes on the phone with them just for a chat. Choose to talk about something fun and light. 

Give yourself a breast massage. 

Layla Martin the headmistress of pleasure shows you how to do it here.  If you want to add decadence, have a bubble bath with aromatic oils and then move on to the breast massage. You will reconnect with your body in a new way and fall in love with yourself again. 

Have a dance party

I know, I know the world is on lockdown but put the music on and dance to your heart’s content. If you live alone, no one is watching anyway. If you share a house with others it will create a different atmosphere from the usual binge watching of something or other. Dance like no one is watching because really, no one is watching. Move other parts of your body you don’t usually move when dancing.

Make a pleasure plan

Take the time when you wake up and start thinking about what gives you pleasure. What do you enjoy. Write a list and commit to doing one thing off that list at least once a month. The act of thinking about pleasure will help to wake up your pleasure senses and if you have a spouse it will open a door you have left locked for a while. It’s like going on a date when things were still hot between you. 

Make yourself a thick hot chocolate

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and is regarded as one of life’s decadent pleasures. Take the time to really enjoy it sip after sip. Here is a recipe you can use and you don’t need too many ingredients. If you love chocolate you will enjoy the decadence of this thick drink as a dessert or if you’re adventurous you can take it to your bedroom with you. 

Thick Italian Hot Chocolate

  • In a small bowl whisk until smooth, 1/4 cup milk and cornstarch set aside.
  • Sift the cocoa into a medium bowl then add the sugar and whisk together,  set aside.
  • In a small/medium pot heat 3/4 cups + 1 tablespoon milk until boiling reduce heat to low, start whisking and add the milk/cornstarch mixture then add the cocoa mixture slowly while continually whisking until smooth.
  • Then add the chocolate pieces and whisk continuously for approximately 3 minutes. Serve immediately You can watch the video of how to make the hot chocolate here.

There you have it, you can enjoy Valentine’s day in your own unique way by sharing quality time with a loved one especially if they live alone, give yourself a breast massage, have a dance party, make yourself a pleasure plan even if you’re still single and for dessert make yourself thick, decadent hot chocolate and enjoy.

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