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Is Feminine elegance the elixir for toning down challenging masculine energy?

Feminine energy is usually calm and serene. Women value to be seen and to connect with people. Women also value being cherished and security.

On the other side boys for example,  usually make vroom vroom noises, and run and punch each other for no reason. Everything is about speed, noise and competition. Most of them love adventure and taking risks. In my experience girls who tend to lean towards that behaviour have had either a father or brothers who encouraged them to play with them that way as well.

I remember growing up, whenever there was discord usually caused by our arguments and debates with our dad in our home all our mother had to do was enter a room and we all calmed down. That is the reason why when everything goes wrong or you are in pain you feel the need to go to your mother. It is that balming effect that they have. They sooth you and make you feel at ease again.

In business if you have a difficult male client, it would do you a lot of good to let a woman who has Feminine Elegance handle the client because they naturally are able to sooth them and calm them down. With her natural instinct to show empathy they will help difficult clients putting themselves in the client’s shoes and be able to easily transform confrontation to rapport.

In the case of men and women I believe men need that feminine energy to calm them and relax them. This means you’re at your most effective if you tap into your feminine energy when you’re dealing with a man. He has no choice but to relax in your presence. Now if you get all confrontational and aggressive you are really fighting against yourself. You never feel good afterwards anyway.

As women we also need men’s energy to give us the drive and focused attention that is required for us to survive in the world. We need each other. The world would be a much better place if we used our most dominant energies either feminine or masculine to compliment each other not to fight against each other. We have enough evidence to prove that the way we’ve been doing things doesn’t work so maybe we need to try something else that does.

If you need more information on how to use your feminine energy effectively, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to assist you.

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