3 things you can do today to improve your relationships with men

Do you find it difficult to be heard by men or to understand them? I used to have that problem too but now I practice some skills regularly that help the men in my life to talk to me and this makes our relationships better. What can you start doing today to help your relationships with men thrive?

The first thing is to; Teach yourself to listen. Count to ten in your head and don’t interrupt. Get curious and let it be your intention to get as much information as you can out of him.

Stop taking everything he does personally. It’s his life and his journey and sometimes he has to figure out some things alone.

Tell him what you need from him and what that provides for you. Or how that makes your life better or easier. If he loves you he will want you to be happy so he will ensure you get what you need.

Bonus tip: Be direct and provide enough information. Please, don’t expect him to figure it out on his own. If you send him to buy something, tell him exactly the brand and size you need. BTW, this works for all men; brothers, sons, husbands, uncles and even your male colleagues.

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