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How to know when you are fully healed from heartbreak


What is heartbreak?

Do you feel like your heart is broken? Then, you’re not alone. Heartbreak is a universal experience that we all go through at some point in our lives. It can make it hard to get out of bed, let alone function normally when you’re going through it. There are ways to heal from heartbreak and move on with your life.

For example, in my case it was like a kick in the chest. I felt heaviness and emptiness that I had never felt before. It felt like I couldn’t fit into myself. Shock and physical pain in my whole body took away my energy and strength.

Heartbreak as you can see is very painful. My experience of heartbreak came after my husband died. There was a sense that my head was covered by a fog that wouldn’t leave and I could neither focus nor remember things. I suffered from depression and excessive stress and no matter what I did I couldn’t feel relief.

After healing from such a terrible experience, I want to help you move from pain to healing as I was helped – so I wrote this blog post for anyone who needs a little guidance or support during their time of need. My goal is to provide the best advice possible and make sure everyone knows they aren’t alone in this journey called life! So read on if you need some words of encouragement or hope today!

Going through heartbreak

I drank a lot of wine to help ease the pain with no relief at all. While I needed someone to hold me and comfort me, when they did, it felt like something was missing. I knew I was missing the person who was my rock and my soft space to fall. He had been my partner and support that he would’ve been The one person to help me in that situation.

It’s possible my experience is not the same as your experience. Maybe you got angry and started lashing out. You probably went looking for escape activities to hide from your pain like most of us do. Sometimes we attack those around us and we blame them for our pain especially when a relationship ends. There’s no blame here, just a path to feeling good again.

Collins dictionary defines heartbreak as, “a very great sadness and emotional suffering, especially after the end of a love affair or close relationship.”

Finding relief

From the moment he stopped breathing I was worried that I would never feel joy again. I really wanted to feel joy, so I started doing meditations and journaling. I was also going to therapy with a grief counselor but initially it didn’t work until I found the right person. Even when I found relief, sometimes it was very short lived. Even short-lived relief is helpful for your body. I started a meditation practice because it helped me. I still meditate regularly now.

My journey into spiritual seeking started with asking questions and then reading spiritual books. I wanted answers that no-one could give me. I wanted to know where my husband was. What he was doing there. If he was okay. I know it sounds strange now, but I was so worried about him and I was obsessing about it for a while.

The healing starts

The clouds started to shift and my head got clearer.  My heart and chest began to feel light. I could see other people who were happy, and it made me happy. I got my energy back and started sleeping again.

Heartbreak can takeaway your sleep and I had not slept a full night for 2 1/2 years. My taste came back, and I began making plans about the future again. For me those were the signs that things were getting better. The biggest sign was, I could talk about my husband without breaking down.

Tools to sustain your healing

With all the tools I was using sometimes, I found myself back in the pit again. After a while I could identify pain triggers like birthdays, anniversaries, some songs we used to dance to or listen to. I devised coping mechanisms like ensuring I had a good comedy to watch on his birthday or mine. Went out with family or friends and did fun things or any other distraction that worked. This to me was a sign that I was well again. I had healed from my enormous heartbreak.

How do you deal with your heartbreak? Do you see it as a sign that you have loved? Are you looking to find relief from it? Are you sure you have really healed? On a scale from one to ten how often do you get twinges of pain associated with that incident, losing a child, losing a loved one, a lover, a pet, a job, your status, your dreams or losing something or someone who mattered to you?

In conclusion, pain leaves no space for love and causes suffering.  From what I can find, there are no rewards for suffering in the world. If you’re ready to create the space in your heart for love, sign up for a free Heal from Heartbreak webinar.


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