*Heal childhood and Ancestral wounds*

*Connect and open your heart*

*Begin living from your heart*

*Opening yourself to receiving love*


Over the next few days I am going to take you on a journey of discovery. I will lead you onto some processes that will help you to heal and to reconnect with your heart. Everyone deserves love, especially you.

*Reconnect with your miraculous and beautiful self

*Connect with other people easily


The Heart of Feminine Elegance program helped us to re-evaluate our relationship by combining/selecting some of the features within the program with what we had already built, thereby subsequently boosting our marriage to a level we never anticipated. The program was well delivered, enjoyable, sensitive to our needs and structured to suit us. We would definitely recommend it to anyone either starting off in their relationship or just needing a kick-start to their long relationship so as to get the sparks back in their lives.
Alie Hawkins, Dublin
Heart Passion Institute programme is a mine of information. Melody’s ability to explain the theories used and draw out new ways of thinking in her clients is excellent. Her light-hearted fun approach means everyone will enjoy this course. An excellently designed course. Best of luck with the programme Melody.
My Life Coach Melody is a compassionate, giving woman who is enthusiastic about improving the quality of her client’s life. She is a great listener. I really felt heard, and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. Working with her has shown me that one can actually change her negative thoughts with some simple processes and feel much better that everything will work out fine and that the Universe has my back. I am not alone.
Abir Chammah, Lebanon
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