Quick Step Into Love Program




Have you been told love hurts?

Do you believe love doesn’t last?

Have you been told all the good ones are taken?

What if all that is just a lie?

Imagine if you could discover a power source in your heart bigger than anything you ever imagined.

Imagine if you knew how to heal and let go of past hurts and limitations and break down the wall around your heart so you can live and love with an open heart that is open to receive.

Imagine if it was possible to find the man of your dreams and keep him forever.

Imagine if you could stop wasting time with the wrong man, instead spend quality time having fun and connecting at a deeper level.

You can start doing that and more when you step into the empowered way to create love and enjoy love.

In this 6 module course I take you on a journey to bust all the lies and limiting beliefs and help you to discover who you really are.

Module 1
Discover And Clear Barriers To Your Ideal Relationship

What are the patterns and beliefs that are standing in you way and stopping you from enjoying your relationships as you are meant to do? In this module we bust the myths and help you clear the barriers once and for all. We heal all past wounds and get you ready for real connection.

Module 2

Embrace Your Feminine Goddess

Loving yourself is very important in order to have a great relationship. If you’re going to be with a man it is very important to love being a woman. This module helps you to embrace who you really are as a woman.

Module 3
Get Clear On The Qualities Of The Man You Want

Getting clear about what you want helps you to find what you want and to identify it once you find it.  You will get help get very clear about the type of man you want and how to identify him.

Module 4
Conversations That Create Deeper Connection

When you are out dating or looking for the one, what method do you use to sort out the men who are not a match to you? How do you find your match quickly and without any heartache? This module will help you answer those questions and flip what you have always believed about finding a mate.

Module 5
How To Balance Your Needs With Expectations

What are your needs? This module will help you to figure out what your needs are and how to get them met. You will also find out whether you expectations will help you to grow love or not.

Module 6
Discussing The Vision Of Your Ideal Future

This when we get deep and discuss what type of a relationship you want to create.  What does your future look like for you? This module teaches you that once you know what you want, you stop being afraid to ask for it.

Empowered Intimacy
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