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5 Ingenious Ways To ‘Spring Clean’ Your Relationship For Satisfying Love, All Year Round

Spring has sprung, and we’re starting to see all the dust in the corners of our homes. So, we engage in spring cleaning. But, did you know that you can also spring clean your relationship?

Spring cleaning is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, “a thorough cleaning of a house or a room.”

We start cleaning up and clearing away everything that’s unsightly that we see and even behind cupboards and shelves. We even go outside to spring clean our gardens and walkways.

While it’s important to spring clean our environment, it’s also important for our well-being to take time to spring clean our relationships.

The quality of your relationships affects the quality of your life. Sometimes, we allow things to go stale and get stagnant in our relationships and resentments start to fester.

2. Share your responsibilities.

Often, we enter relationships with the model our parents gave us of what a relationship consists of from a child’s perspective without understanding any of the nuances of what’s really going on between them.

For the majority, we grew up in a mother/father dynamic. Mothers had certain roles and fathers had certain roles.

Do you and your partner still feel happy about your roles? Do you feel like you do more for the other and you get nothing in return? Or maybe you get very little back. Do you feel like your contribution is not appreciated?

Are your beliefs hindering you from stepping up to do more to contribute to the relationships? Do you feel entitled to the service your spouse gives you? Why is that?

Could you take more on and let your spouse have more time for something they love?

This is not an opportunity to place blame or shame on each other, but to take the time to really go deep into the conversation.

I found that when I sat with my husband to tell him that I felt overwhelmed by my responsibilities and asked him to help me, his response was an eye-opener for me.

“Will you let me do it my way?”

Until that time, I had not seen how critical and controlling I was about how I wanted things to be done. I wanted him to do everything like me. The moment I let go of that expectation, we became happier.

Strangely enough, my husband loved vacuum cleaning more than I did. I took that time to read, go to the gym, or have quality time with my daughter. Continue reading

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